XCaret Park Playa del Carmen

Are you looking for activities to keep you busy while visiting Cancun or Playa del Carmen? XCaret Park is the thing to do! It is amazing for families, but I think just about anyone would enjoy their time there.

We purchased a vacation package that had unlimited access to the park. It was with our hotel stay at Occidental at XCaret. This hotel is adjacent to the park and you can find my review of the hotel here.  There are other hotels in the area and some of them offer the same options.  A great site to visit for more hotel info can be found here.

I think that in order to adequately visit everything the park has to offer, that you would be well served to take two days to visit. It is a large park and you will walk miles in order to see everything.  If you would like more info regarding XCaret park and things to do in the area you should check out Travel Yucatan.  This is a great source filled with info about the surrounding area.  They have a page specifically about XCaret as well!

Here is my list of 10 must see activities and tips and tricks for making the most of your adventure.

The price is admission is roughly $90 per person. They also have dining packages that include unlimited drinks. Our hotel was right next door with our all inclusive benefits so we didn’t eat at the park. You can get tickets and check other info HERE.

1.) Get the map and plan your trip!

This will allow you to see all of the attractions with the least amount of walking. Stop at the observation tower at the beginning and enjoy the scenic overlook of the entire area.

2.) Enjoy the animal attraction and aquarium while you are dry.

This park is almost like a zoo. There are so many fun things to see. Some of our favorites were the sea turtles and the dolphins. A lot of the attraction require you to get wet; so enjoy these attraction while you are not soaking wet.

3.) Enjoy the underground rivers.

We liked the Manatee River the best. It was less crowded and had really neat features. They provide flippers and life jackets for everyone to use. Our kids brought their own snorkel gear and they liked having that for the rivers.

4.) Check out the natural pools

The natural pools that are right on the ocean are a must see. Our kids lived on the edge and jumped off the ledges while the life guard wasn’t looking! 😜

5.) Use the free snorkeling gear.

There is a neat area that is perfect for snorkeling. They provide life jackets and snorkeling gear. It is a great way to snorkel without paying for a big excursion.

6.) Buy a waterproof case on Amazon before you come.

The park has the Disney concept of pushing you through gift shops at the end of every attraction. They have really cool waterproof cases for the bargain price of $35 😩. You will want one and your children will beg and beg for one! They do help with fun underwater pictures and allows you to take your phone on the rivers and such. You can find one here!

I would also suggest getting a floating handle if you have a Go Pro. Or grab a Go Pro if you would like to capture some awesome pics of your trip.

7.) Let the kids try the obstacle course and water slides at kids world

There is a great kid world that has a great shaded area for the adults to relax. There is a waterfall, an obstacle course and water slides. It keeps the kiddos occupied and allows he adults to rest for a bit. They also have free WiFi so you can utilize that while you relax.

8.)Save time for the beach

There is a beautiful beach that is great for everyone. There are nice chairs to sit and relax in the shade and activities for the little people. There are little tubes hat allow you to float and relax. There is also a tight rope that the kids spent hours enjoying.

9.) The Mexico Spectacular in the evening is a must see!

The evening show was fantastic. It was a tad long for the little ones but it was very entertaining. From fireball hockey to beautiful dancing, and horses and fighting scenes; it was a wonderful show!

10.) Document your trip! There is a neat feature that allows you to snap pictures in various locations throughout the park. It is linked to your wristband and allows you to get awesome action shots of your adventures. You can check out prices Here ! You don’t purchase this feature; make sure to take lots of your own pics!!

I hope these tips and tricks help you if you decide to venture to Cancun or Playa del Carmen for your next vacation. I highly recommend making XCaret one of the destinations for your trip! Let me know if you have anything else you want to add to the list!!


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