Work with me

I love sharing my family’s experiences with my growing tribe. I am just a normal wife and mother and I share my struggles, my victories, ideas, and life hacks that help get me through the day.  I have a strong following on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Do you have something that you feel would resonate with my readers? I am open to the following opportunities…

1.) Travel opportunities – Our family would review your hotel or attraction, share on social media platforms, and live stream at least one video from our experience.



2.) Sponsored Posts – I only want to share great content and products. I reserve the right to turn down any opportunities that do not resonate with me or I does not align with our family values.  If you have something awesome – I would love the opportunity to do a post about it!


3.) Sidebar Sponsorship – I feature a few products that appeal to my readers on the side bar of the site. Each sponsorship is for one month.

3.) Contests, Giveaways, and Decor Reviews – I do giveaways, contests, and monthly design posts. Please contact me if you have items that you would like to provide for these events and you will be mentioned in the post with a direct link to purchase.

4.) Events– I am open to attending events and sharing my experience with my subscribers.

For more information: