What are we teaching our kids?

I just saw this on Facebook. I Love Love Love this!! It’s SO true! I feel like this generation is being coddled and ruined by technology and parents that are afraid to make their children “unhappy”!
We all want what is best for our kids. Does that mean they have to have every new toy, device, or random crap that fills the check out isles at the grocery store?  The answer is clearly NO! It doesn’t seem that simple. There is the constant pressure of keeping of with the Joneses. I feel like the adults are worse than the kids in this realm. Why do kindergarteners have cell phones? ūüė©
The social pressure continues as people discuss how many extra curricular activities your kids are doing? Do they take piano lessons, speak a foreign language, and are they on the all star traveling sports team that takes EVERY single weekend and every ounce of family time you may have??
What happened to family dinners? What happened to chores on Saturday that everyone pitched in with because if they didn’t they got their buts beat?
I feel like I am failing so many times when I get a snotty response from one of my kids and another adult says….”if I talked to my mom like that when I was young; she would have knocked me into next week!”
I KNOW that I don’t have the answers to these questions. I KNOW I can make big changes that would result in more self reliant, hardworking kiddos that respect their elders. We were doing yard work with our kids last night and they acted like I was asking them to move a mountain! For the LOVE! Please just grow up to be good humans that grow up to move out of the house and contribute to society!!
I do know that we have taken a step back the last few months. We paired down our schedules. We made the kiddos make HARD choices and do a little less. We are trying to eat dinner together even if it’s one of those one pot frozen meals that I heat up in 12 minutes with no side dishes! ūüėÜ Dinner is served! ūüėč. It’s not perfect, but we are together. Our evenings are a little less hectic and we are focusing on giving our kids experiences rather than THINGS.
We plan to travel more and use the funds that we were spending on the extra classes and activities and put it towards a family trip. The kids gave us a little backlash at first, but quickly jumped on board.
I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how you instill these values in your family. Is something in particular working well for you right now? Take a look at this video. Stephen Covey is one of my FAVORITE authors. He was a wise man and I love his principle based teachings. Take a look!
Green and Clean by Stephen Covey

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