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​As we headed home to our hotel for the evening on October 1st; dozens of police cars raced past us in a way that seemed surreal.  I quickly checked Twitter to see what was happening. To our horror we learned what was happening. After a sigh of relief the my closest loved ones were safe less than a few miles away; the disbelief set in and we stayed glued to the television set for the next SEVERAL hours.

The next day was quite somber as more details rolled in. Several friends and family texted and called to make sure we were safe. We appreciate everyone’s concern!  We kept our kiddos close and spent the day in Henderson and avoided anything to do with the strip.

Today we finally felt safe to venture down to the strip. We went to the Mandalay Bay and saw the windows that the shooter broke out.

We saw the venue where thousands of innocent people gathered to have fun and enjoy country music.

The distance between the two locations was WAY further than I imagined!  It was crazy.

It was incredible to see mobile billboards, interior signs, and full building billboards displaying their thanks to the First Responders, Police officers, and medical professionals for their superior service during this tragedy.

I know that we live in trying times filled with hate and acts that are unspeakable. However; as I saw hundreds of people standing in line to donate blood, watched news stories of pure acts of selfless service and bravery, and watch this community rally to raise money for victims’ families; I am left with a feeling of peace and hope. There is good in this world!

Hug your kids a little tighter, forgive a little easier, and be kind to others.

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