Gravady Las Vegas 

The kids have been so excited to check out Gravady in Las Vegas. It is a trampoline park, ninja zone, and circus training all in one!

We were looking for family friendly entertainment that didn’t cost an arm and a leg; and this fit the bill!

The acrobatic components of Gravady were awesome. We have been to other trampoline parks in the past and they didn’t have this. Abigail loves this kind of stuff and tried all kinds of fun tricks without the risk of getting hurt.

The ninja course was super cool. We have also been to Ninja courses in the past that were too difficult to actually enjoy. This added fun for even the adults.  Cory got in a little workout and will probably be sore tomorrow!! 😂

Another unique feature was the Super Tramp. It had an added bounce that was pretty intense. This was for kids 7 and older. Peyton had a blast!!

Overall; we had a great experience!  I feel like Gravady provides the perfect family friendly event for those traveling to Vegas or those in the area. They have birthday party options that would be perfect if you lived close.

Our kids are 7, 10, and 13. They all had a wonderful time and were entertained the whole time.   We will be back the next time we come to visit!!

If you want more info you can check out their Website for all the details! Now we are headed to the outlets for some retail therapy! 😉

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