Family Friendly Vegas – Wet n’ Wild

The kids have been SO excited to check out Wet n’ Wild.  They had a great special going on their Site. Everyone for in for their junior rate and the seniors were only $9.99. If you live in the area or come to Vegas for than once a year you should check out their Season Passes. They are an excellent deal!

We tried to hit every attraction.  Brady was tall enough for everything which made it SO much better than past years at water parks.   For a Saturday the park had very few people. We never waited for more than a few minutes. It was GREAT!

As hunger began to set in we decided to grab a bite to eat.  We got the end of the year special on their signature cups. For only $5 we got a free refills and any subsequent refills were only $.99. You can see their Cooler policy here. You can’t bring in food, but they have an awesome play area and grassy spot to have a picnic outside the park entrance. We made some sandwiches and then just got a few entrees to share. It was perfect.

Overall; it was an excellent day!  The kids had fun and we would return for sure.

We had dinner at Pei Wei and then hit the hot tub at our hotel before heading to bed. Day 1 in the books. Stay tuned for more family friendly Vegas tips soon. You can also see our live videos on our Facebook Page. Follow us on Instagram or follow us on Twitter @OurCrazyFam

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