5 Packing Tips When Flying

We just went on a 7 day trip to Vegas with our whole family.  We LOVE the inexpensive flights that Allegiant Air offers, but their baggage prices are rather ridiculous.  My husband would call me cheap, but I will use the word frugal.  Because I am “frugal”, we only paid for one bag for our whole family.  I thought I would share my top 5 tips for packing when traveling by air. 

  1. Roll your clothes – this takes up less space so you can maximize the space of your precious checked bag.
  2. Use a Ziploc Freezer Bag, Gallon Size for each outfit – this is a life saver for me.  I have each of the kids set out their outfits for each day of the trip, underwear and socks included.  I use gallon ziploc bags and write their name with a Sharpie.  Then when the whirlwind of unpacking and rifling through suitcases ensues, everything doesn’t get unfolded and heaped into a pile.  This eliminates fighting about what to wear and ending the trip with outfits that don’t match and whining kids.  You can also squeeze out all of the air to create a vacuum effect that helps maximize space as well.  I also use ziplocs for all of my toiletries to make sure I don’t have shampoo on all of my clothes when we arrive at our destination.
  3. Individual Backpack for Each Child – Once your kids are about 5 years old; have them pul their own weight!  Backpacks are the way to go.  Rolling suitcases that are unique and easy to spot in the luggage are like this are perfect and preferred for your large checked luggage.  However, having each person have their own backpack does a couple of things.  When you get to the hotel; you don’t have to divide 5 peoples clothes and figure out what clothes go where.  You can have each child put their own devices and travel essentials in their own backpack so you aren’t trying to divvy out snacks and books and crayons when you get on the plane.
  4. Pack your own snacks – Once again; my husband might love paying $4 for chex mix that we don’t even like, but I on the other hand don’t love forking out $30 before we even get on the plane.  Use the cute little Snack Size Ziploc Bags for your kiddos favorite snacks.  Grab fruit snacks, candy, granola bars to get you through the flight with ease.  The powdered drink mixes are also perfect for getting past airport security without a hitch.  If you bring an empty water bottle for each person; you can fill them up at the water fountain once you get past security and then use the flavor packets to spice things up a bit!
  5. Utilize your shoe space – Use your shoe space to pack underwear, socks, and small items like jewelry.  Also, here is a quick tip for jewelry!  Lay out all of your jewelry on Press’n Seal and then put another piece on top and you won’t have a jumbled mess to deal with when you get to your destination.  You’re welcome!

Here is a little video I shot while getting ready for this trip! ​​

​I hope these help when you are ready to hit the road on your next adventure.  Happy Traveling!

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